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Man unhurt after unauthorized ride on ramp of swing bridge in Victoria

VICTORIA — A Victoria-area pedestrian is unhurt after taking an unexpected ride on the ramp of the city’s new Johnson Street swing bridge as it was being raised to allow a barge to pass.

Const. Matt Rutherford says in a news release that the intoxicated man was on the bridge on Friday as it was being lifted so the barge could move between Victoria’s upper and lower harbours.

Witnesses called police to report the man was on the bridge, but by the time officers reached the scene, Rutherford says the ramp was fully raised and the man was hanging onto a railing, bracing himself with his legs.

He was taken into custody as soon as the ramp was lowered.

An investigation determined the man bypassed the bridge safety systems and went onto the bridge after the lift sequence began, but Rutherford says charges will not be forwarded to Crown.

Police are urging pedestrians to follow the warning signs on the bridge and not to attempt to cross after the yellow warning light is activated.



The Canadian Press