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Police officer who helped bring home alleged stolen pup adopts him

Last Updated Aug 13, 2019 at 6:51 pm EST

Milo, the 10 month old rescue pup, allegedly stolen from the Humane Society, has since been adopted by one of the police officers who helped bring him home. (TWITTER/@THS_tweet)

A police officer who was involved in bringing home a dog that was allegedly stolen from the Toronto Humane Society has adopted the puppy.

Milo, a 10-month-old retriever/hound cross, was allegedly taken from the Humane Society last Friday before he was found on Sunday.

Christopher Rich, 31, is now facing theft charges in connection with the incident.

The Humane Society tweeted out Tuesday that one of the police officers who helped bring Milo home had fallen in love with the dog’s “sweet and precious personality” and adopted him.

“We are absolutely thrilled to tell you the Milo found his forever home today,” read the tweet. “We wish them both happiness and joy for their new life together!”