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If Ontario decides the election, what decides Ontario?

Ontario Premier Doug Ford. CITYNEWS/file photo

In today’s Big Story podcast, at a glance, Ontario might seem like a Conservative stronghold. It’s barely been a year since voters booted the provincial Liberals out of office in a wave. But a lot can change in a year. Today, our Lay of the Land series goes inside Canada’s most populous province.

Nobody can agree on how much impact Premier Doug Ford will have on Andrew Scheer’s chances to win this province. But almost every poll points to the seat-rich suburbs of Toronto being the difference between victory and defeat for Scheer and Justin Trudeau. What do those ridings care most about? How do they see the first year of a provincial Conservative majority? And if a handful of ridings in that area are really going to decide the election, then which ones are they? And who are the candidates?

GUEST: Fatima Syed, investigative reporter, National Observer

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