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Greens propose to broaden Canada Post mandate to help serve rural communities

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May joins climate change activists and students as they gather in Calgary for a protest and "die-in", on the steps of the Calgary Municipal Building in Calgary on Friday, Sept. 20, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Dave Chidley

The federal Greens are proposing to reimagine Canada Post, using its infrastructure to serve communities in different ways and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Party leader Elizabeth May is highlighting promises from her platform that would help rural and remote communities.

That includes developing a national transportation strategy, with a zero-carbon goal for public ground transportation in Canada by 2040.

May says the Greens would upgrade Canada Post’s fleet to electric vehicles.

The Greens also want to give postal carriers the mandate to check in on people with mobility issues or live alone, particularly during extreme heat and storms.

May says a Green government would help Canada Post establish banking services, provide public high-speed internet access in post offices, and set up electric vehicle charging stations in its parking lots.