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Singh promises clean energy corridor as part of NDP's climate plan

Last Updated Sep 24, 2019 at 12:40 pm EDT

New Democrat Leader Jagmeet Singh is promising, if elected, to build an east-west corridor to carry clean energy across the country.

At a campaign stop in Winnipeg, Singh is laying out major components of his party’s proposals to deal with climate issues and to create green jobs.

Singh says he would create a publicly funded $15-billion “climate bank” that would support businesses fighting climate change, and provide money for a cross-Canada corridor for clean and electric energy.

He says the corridor would electrify the country and help eliminate Canada’s reliance on burning carbon.

Singh says he would also make a “massive” investment to ensure all public transit across Canada is electrified by 2030 — but won’t share the estimated cost when pressed for details.

He also says an NDP government would ensure Indigenous communities have a seat at the table as equal partners when it comes to finding solutions to climate issues since they often face the biggest challenges of the changing environment.