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Transit deal with province tops Toronto executive committee meeting

Last Updated Oct 23, 2019 at 12:55 pm EDT

Mayor John Tory’s executive committee is meeting Wednesday to discuss the transit expansion agreement reached between the city and province last week.

The agreement will allow Toronto to control its subway system and, in return, city staff would have to support the province’s plan for major transit projects, including the Ontario Line.

The agreement, which still needs approval by city council, would secure an almost $30-billion investment in new transit for the city.

Premier Doug Ford announced the province’s plan for the Ontario Line in April, instead of the Downtown Relief Line that the city had been planning.

Tory said working out this deal with the province is a smart move.

“Our officials know, as I do, that the only way to ensure that the transit gets built as soon as possible and in the best interest of the city is to be a partner at the table with the province,” Tory said.

However, some of the deputants speaking at the meeting have concerns about noise pollution and late-night construction that comes with the Ontario Line, which would be built above ground on existing rail lines.

“The decibels would decimate Leslieville. As a pediatrician, as a parent, I must oppose that level of noise pollution. The Ontario Line between Cherry Street and Gerrard Street East should be underground. This is the livable solution to these noise and visual impacts,” one of the deputants said.

“An above-ground Ontario Line will bring an exponential increase in noise, vibration, train horns, bright lights. Once we factor in noise from overnight construction and maintenance — which is inevitable with Aria [condo] project, Ontario Line, six lanes of traffic — noise is going to be 24-7 in our neighbourhood,” another deputant said.