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New Music Friday: Top picks for Nov. 8th

Fridays are always a great day for music lovers as not only does it mark the last workday for many in the week but it’s also the day where most artists release new music. Here is a look at some of the releases out the week of Nov. 8th

A Winter Sunrise

Winter is either coming or almost here in most of Canada but imagine yourself on the beach with a nice coconut filled beverage. Playing is the new singly by Alice Ivy who has released a new song that is sure to take you out of the winter blues. “When I started writing ‘Sunrise’ it was the middle of the Australian winter,” explains Alice Ivy aka Annika Schmarsel. “I wanted to write something that reminded me of summer, especially in Melbourne, which for me is all about having park beers with my friends in Edinburgh Gardens or being on a rooftop listening to music.”

George Michael Wants You To Get High?

It’s been almost three years since George Michael passed away on Christmas Day. This week his label released his first posthumous song from his last recording sessions and it’s called ‘This Is How (We Want You To Get High).’ This is the first new music from the late singer to be released since 2012. The song, written by Michael, talks about issues in society while still illuminating his wry sense of humour.

A Union of Country Thunder

They are one of the hottest country bands in the country. The Washboard Union started fans weekends off with a banging new hit ‘Country Thunder.’ “After walking out of this writing session, we all had this elated feeling like we had written something really special. When the three of us woke up the next morning singing it, we knew that was a pretty good sign that we were right,” says The Washboard Union. “We love this song and hope our fans will love it too.”

A Dusty Lime

You may not know the name Luke Lalonde quite yet but you will soon. The acclaimed indie-rock group Born Ruffians just shared the new video ‘Dusty Lime’ off of his sophomore solo album The Perpetual Optimist.

Bonus Track

I love Christmas music and you can’t talk about Christmas music without talking about Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. This week a series of fun animated videos for some of the most iconic Christmas songs were released and this song is just pure happiness.