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'Sex doll brothel' relaunches in Mississauga with new owner

Last Updated Nov 11, 2019 at 3:44 pm EST

***WARNING*** This story contains mature themes.

A controversial “sex doll brothel” that was once forced to shut down in Toronto has resurfaced in Mississauga.

Aura Dolls, which opened its doors last month under new ownership, promises to give clients a “realistic sensual experience with a girl who is made just for you.”

The girls are made out of the “highest quality of TPE silicone,” and come with names like Jazmine, Anna, and Scarlett.

“Clients can have full intercourse with the dolls or some of the clients come in, lay the doll down and watch a movie,” said Chris, one of the owners of Aura Dolls. “I have a lot of people who are introverted or socially awkward who don’t like the human interaction.”

The owners of Aura Dolls operate under anonymity and allow their clients to have the same privacy.

Clients can use their website to select one of seven dolls at a rate starting at $90 per half hour in one of the shop’s seven rooms. Following the completion of the service, there’s a rigorous cleaning process in place.

The company doesn’t disclose their exact address publicly, but are located in an industrial area of Mississauga with no homes or schools in the direct area. Clients only receive the location once a deposit has been made.

Last summer, the City of Toronto shut down Aura Dolls just one week before the opening date, citing a city bylaw that prohibits adult entertainment businesses in the area.

Since the new owners took over, they’ve removed the “brothel” description and instead refer to it as an adult entertainment business.

Criticism and concern

This isn’t the first sex doll business operating in the GTA or in North America. Multiple businesses have been popping out throughout the country and region.

The original owners of Aura Dolls said they got the idea to open a “sex doll brothel” following a trip to Japan. There are similar shops operating in Europe where some have raised concerns over the impact it will have on the treatment of women.

Chris said they are aware of these concerns, adding they have implemented rules which include no hitting the dolls and no rape fantasies.

Chris added since they opened, they have had over a thousand clients visit and there haven’t been any incidents.

“There’s nothing wrong with these dolls, they don’t feel anything, and they’re fake,” Chris said. “We don’t condone any violence or anything.”

There have also been questions regarding the rules and regulations surrounding ‘sex doll brothels’ and how they operate in their prescribed communities.

The City of Mississauga tells CityNews the business is currently not licensed with the city and enforcement officers are in contact with Aura Dolls to further investigate and initiate any enforcement action if it’s required.

Nadia Guo, a former sex worker who is now a criminal defence lawyer, told CityNews she believes sex doll shops operate in a grey area.

“I guess they are finding a way to kind of circumvent the law a little bit, but the reasons why people want to make sex work illegal is because of violence against women and children,” said Guo. “I guess they can say there’s no women and children involved here.”

Currently, sex work is illegal, with advocates saying workers continue to be endangered and stigmatized. Many advocates, like Guo, believe the government should legalize sex work.

“We’re at the point in our world where sex is something that should be accepted, especially if it’s not hurting anyone else,” Guo added.