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Peel police offering $25K in "mistaken identity" homicide

Last Updated Nov 12, 2019 at 11:48 am EDT

Peel police are offering a reward of $25,000 to find the person responsible for gunning down 23-year-old Jason Ramkishun in a case of “mistaken identity.”

Ramkishun was shot once while driving down Highway 410 northbound on Nov. 13, 2018 on his way home from work. The car veered off the road and paramedics say he was found without vital signs at the scene.

He was rushed to hospital where he died of his injuries.

Investigators say they believe this homicide is related to a second shooting on the 410 that occurred a week later on Nov. 20 . A 26-year-old man suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds in the incident. He is believed to be the intended target in the shooting of Ramkishun. Police say their two vehicles resembled each other.

Two handguns were used in the Nov. 20 shooting and the forensics unit determined one of the firearms was used in the shooting of Ramkishun. This firearm was recovered in August in an unrelated investigation.

No suspects have been arrested in connection with either shooting.

“Jason was a family man, a good man and a good friend,” read a statement from Ramkishun’s family. “It has been almost a year that we heard the devastating news that Jason wouldn’t be coming home again. The pain and suffering is as fresh as when we heard the news.”

Police say the public should be “outraged” by the circumstances of this case.

The reward will be offered to anyone with information that could lead to an arrest in this homicide. They believe a number of people have knowledge related to the case and urge them to come forward.