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Construction workers credited with stopping attack on woman in Scarborough

Last Updated Dec 10, 2019 at 6:40 pm EDT

Construction workers are being credited with helping to stop an attack at a home in Scarborough on Tuesday morning.

It happened at around 9 a.m. in the Pharmacy Avenue and Lawrence Avenue East area.

Witnesses at the scene told CityNews a screaming woman, covered in blood, came out of a house and collapsed on the porch. When a man came out after her, a construction crew, who had been working at the house next door, intervened and wrestled the man to the ground.

“Just pulled up on site and one of our co-workers said there was a woman screaming, thought a gentleman was attacking his wife,” one worker told 680 NEWS. “(I) pulled up, jumped out of the truck, one of the other workers who was working beside (the house) had already removed the gentleman from her and I just kept him pinned on the ground.”

Police arrived and arrested a man, while the woman was taken to hospital with stab wounds.

She remains in critical condition.

“There are multiple witnesses in the area,” said Det. Andrew Cechetto. “There are some citizens that were on the construction site next door that intervened and we are very thankful for that.”