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What’s it like to open your own pot store?

A customer takes a photo of cannabis products on display at the Fire & Flower cannabis shop in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on Monday, April 1, 2019. GETTY IMAGES/BLOOMBERG/David Kawai

In today’s Big Story podcast, today’s guest won the lottery—an Ontario-wide lottery to determine who would get the province’s first licenses to sell marijuana at a retail location. And once his name came up, the clock started ticking. He had less than three months to go from lucky winner to owner and proprietor.

What’s it like to try to open one of the province’s first legal weed shops? Where do you get the money? Find a location? What product do you order? Who do you hire? Do you get high on your own supply? We’ll go inside one man’s unlikely career change and everything that came next.

GUEST: Steven Fry, owner of Canna Cabana Hamilton, co-founder and CEO of Sessions Cannabis

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