Alleged feces thrower granted bail

By News Staff

The man accused of throwing feces on five strangers was granted bail on Monday.

Samuel Opoku, 23, is facing five counts each of assault with a weapon and mischief in connection with three alleged incidents at or near two Toronto universities.

Police allege a man walked into the University of Toronto’s Robarts Library on Nov. 22 and dumped a bucket of “liquefied fecal matter” on two students seated at a table.

Two similar incidents were also reported later that week, one at the Scott Library at York University’s Keele campus on Nov. 24 and the second outside a University of Toronto building near College Street and University Avenue on Nov. 25.

After recieving a number of tips from the public, police arrested Opoku on Nov. 26.

Defense counsel Jordan Weisz did not share the conditions of Opoku’s bail, but said he was relieved that the judge agreed with his submissions.

“Bail court isn’t the court to decide penalties. Bail court is not a court to decide that because you are repulsed by something you’re going to take action,” said Jordan Weisz. “Bail court is a court that determines prior to trial that somebody can be released into the community and that the community at the same time can be safe.”

Weisz added says his client is contending with mental health issues, but offered no details.

“We – meaning the crown, judge and defense counsel – were very careful to ensure that the conditions not only provided safety and assurance to the community and public but also were conditions that could be readily understood,” said Weisz.

Opoku will be back in court Dec. 23 to ensure he is complying with his bail conditions.

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