Video show 10 raccoons being removed from Toronto home

A Toronto wildlife control company says they were called to a home under construction to remove 11 raccoons that had found their way into the house overnight. A Gates Wildlife Control worker has his camera rolling during their removal.

By News Staff

It’s a very Toronto scene. It involves raccoons and a renoviction — just before Christmas no less!

The video shows ten furry, seemingly sleepy raccoons huddled together for warmth inside a Toronto home.

But the masked intruders, who were discovered by construction workers, were quickly shown the door – in this case, the front door.

A video of them being prodded out of their warm sleeping spot has been posted online by Gates Wildlife Control, a local wildlife control company.

The company says eleven bandits in total (one ran out the door before the camera started rolling) made their way into the house, which was under construction, through a back door that was left open overnight. It looks as though the raccoons then made their way through an opening into the enclosed porch area.

Using a pole, a Gates Wildlife Field Supervisor then prodded the raccoons – who were in no rush to leave – out the front door one-by-one.

You can watch the full video above.

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