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The ultimate photobomb with an NHL captain

Last Updated Jan 28, 2020 at 11:47 am EST

Alex Pietrangelo, David Pietrangelo, Lindsay Dunn the 'Grape Dance' woman, Jan. 25, 2020. CITYNEWS

I was interviewing the captain of the St. Louis Blues, Alex Pietrangelo, after the NHL All-Star Game in St. Louis when it happened.

It couldn’t have been more perfect. The set up, the dance, the reaction, the timing. All perfect.

At the time we didn’t know we were part of such a hilarious moment that would go on to be known as ‘The Grape Dance’.

After Alex and I were done talking three women came up to us and said “we think we may have accidentally been in your video doing something extremely embarrassing.” A million thoughts went through my head, what could’ve they been doing?

They explained that one of them was given some grapes and got so excited she danced and it may have happened behind us on camera.

And boy oh boy did it ever.

We all watched the video together to see if it happened and low and behold she was perfectly in between Alex and myself. It showed her getting a bag of green grapes holding them up and doing what we now coined ‘The Grape Dace’ all captured, by accident.

It was hilarious, who knew someone could get so excited over grapes?

… And if you want to know how to do the grape dance, they gave me a quick lesson. You can watch the epic photo bomb here :