Rogers waiving long-distance fees, data usage caps amid COVID-19 outbreak

By News staff

Rogers will be waiving long-distance and roaming fees along with data usage caps on home internet amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

They will also be making several additional premium channels available to Ignite customers.

The announcement was made Monday as millions of Canadians were encouraged to stay inside in effort to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the waived fees including long-distance phone calls for Rogers, Fido and Chatr users, both for personal customers and small businesses.

Roam-like-home fees for Canadians abroad or trying to make their way home will also be waived.

Internet data overage fees have also been removed for those on Rogers or Fido limited internet plans. The removal will last until May 30.

Family and premium channels like Disney and FX will also be made available for free until April 30.

Rogers has also pledged not to disconnect any customers who may not be able to pay their bills.

In a statement released today, President and CEO Joe Natale said, “This is a challenge that affects every Canadian and every business across our country, and we all have a vital role to play in supporting each other through it.”

Bell Canada also said they would be waiving fees on extra usage fees on home internet for those working from home until April 30.

Telus introduced similar policies as well, waiving home Internet overage charges, roaming charges are waived for those who are “stranded outside of North America.” They will also provide flexible payment options for those facing financial challenges due to COVID-19.

Rogers is the parent company of this station and website.

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