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Cases of COVID-19 in military in long-term care homes up to 39

Last Updated May 26, 2020 at 3:09 pm EDT

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the Canadian military will keep assisting in nursing homes in Ontario and Quebec, though 36 members of the Canadian Forces have come down with COVID-19 while doing so.

That’s up from 28 cases of the novel coronavirus among those troops less than a week ago.

The military has been deployed to nursing homes in the two provinces to reinforce workers overwhelmed by the illness, unable to keep up with residents’ needs because of all the protective measures they need to take, or off work because they’re ill themselves.

Fifteen of the military members with COVID-19 are in Ontario and 24 of them are in Quebec.

When the Forces started reporting the number of positive cases, they said they’d update the figures every two weeks but have revised that plan to give new numbers every day.

Trudeau says the premiers of Ontario and Quebec have both asked for the military to extend the deployment and he expects to agree.

Ontario is released a Canadian Armed Forces report Tuesday that the prime minister is calling “deeply disturbing.”

“I read the report yesterday, coming from the Canadian Armed Forces, and I can tell you that it was extremely troubling,” Trudeau said.

“I was sad, I was shocked, I was disappointed, I was angry. I believe that we’re talking about a situation that clearly is a reality associated with COVID-19, but has also existed for quite some time now.”

Trudeau said there is no doubt more needs to be done for seniors in long-term care, and Ottawa will help.