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Remembering the victims of COVID-19: Mary Walsh

Last Updated May 29, 2020 at 10:54 am EDT

Mary Walsh. Courtesy of the Walsh family.

CityNews is remembering the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic through memories shared by their loved ones.

Mary Walsh spent many a day sitting comfortably on her favourite chair with its soft green cushion, no doubt a nod to her proud Irish heritage.

The chair was situated alongside a porch glider on the veranda of her humble East York bungalow. On the side table, next to Mary, never far from her reach, was always a cup of tea. The tea was Tetley – just simple black tea surely plucked from its iconic blue box.

As the winter gave way to spring and the maple tree on Mary’s front lawn would welcome fresh new leaves, there too, would be Mary on the veranda with her cup of tea and a book. The books were usually thrilling novels written by one her favourite authors, Danielle Steel.

The veranda was her stage, or her podium perhaps. Mary was always waving to neighbours and familiar passers-by, wishing them a good day. Most importantly to Mary, the veranda was the gathering place for her family of four generations.

For every get together, the veranda would be filled with love and laughter, and you could always see the joy of the moment on Mary’s face. And as the gatherings wrapped up and as everyone said their goodbyes after hours of fun, the message from Mary was always the same, “Bye, love you, safe home!”

Walsh was 89 years old when she passed away from COVID-19.

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