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Tory calls on employees of major companies to work-from-home until September

Last Updated May 29, 2020 at 8:38 pm EDT

Toronto mayor John Tory is calling on companies to keep their employees working from home until at least September as the city’s economy slowly reopens.

Tory says as many as 24 major downtown employers and post-secondary institutions have agreed to a phase-in return of employees and students and staggered start times where possible.

“This is a good start but we are now, as of today, calling on other corporations and organizations to make this commitment as well. We need all hands on deck in this effort to keep our city moving and working through the restart and recovery period,” said Tory.

“This unprecedented cooperation represents good corporate citizenship but it is also how we can truly confront COVID-19 and make sure our city and its economy come back stronger than ever.”

The mayor says this will also help take the pressure off the TTC and GO Transit as the number of people using public transit to return to work increases.

The city says more than 57,000 finance and insurance employees as well as over half of students at Toronto’s universities and colleges take public transit in the city.

Tory says the city itself will lead the way as it continues to prioritize working remotely for its employees.

The city is also calling on large employers to go over floor layouts and workplaces to determine how to safely meet with customers, adjust work shifts and business hours in order to comply with physical distancing measures.