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Police board postpones review of anti-Black racism measures for public consultation

Last Updated Jun 18, 2020 at 6:13 pm EST

Officers stand in a line at an award ceremony at Toronto Police Service headquarters on March 29, 2017. CITYNEWS/Tony Fera

The Toronto Police Services Board is postponing its review of anti-Black racism measures scheduled for Friday to allow for more public consultation.

The board says it received several calls from the public and various stakeholders this week for more time for broader consultation before the report is discussed by the board.

The Chair’s report released Wednesday included eight recommendations meant to combat anti-Black racism within the force including revisiting the police budget and bolstering mental health services. It was set to be discussed on Friday.

There will be a public forum on issues related to police accountability, reform and community safety priorities during the week of July 6.

The delay will also allow the board to await the outcome of deliberations on policing matters at the Toronto City Council meeting scheduled for the end of June.

A new report will then be brought before the board after consultations have ended.

Many people had requested to make a deputation at Friday’s meetings and those individuals will be invited to join the forum. There will also still be a chance to make a deputation when a new report is brought before the police services board.

The report comes after two Toronto city councillors said they would introduce a motion to defund the police service by 10 per cent and use the money for community resources.

The document acknowledged the importance of supporting those resources, but challenges the call to redirect police funding.