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One of two red panda cubs at Toronto Zoo dies a week after birth

Last Updated Jul 22, 2020 at 4:59 pm EDT

Female red panda cub. TORONTO ZOO/HO

One of two female red panda cubs born at the Toronto Zoo last week has died.

The zoo says the cub died sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, after being in and out of an incubator since Sunday.

“One of the two female cubs was found weak on Sunday and had been transferred to the ICU in the Zoo’s Wildlife Health Centre where she received treatment and was fed every three hours by the veterinary team,” the Zoo said in a statement. “After observing improvement in the cub’s condition over the following days, she was returned to mom Ila in the Red Panda House yesterday where Keepers continued to monitor the situation.”

“Shortly after being placed back with mom, the same cub appeared cold, dehydrated, and lethargic, at which point our team began additional treatment and she was placed back in an incubator. Sadly, this cub passed away overnight.”

The zoo says it suspects Ila, the mother, was not producing enough milk to feed both cubs, so staff began supplemental feedings.

The zoo says it will continue to closely monitor and supplement feed for the other cub, who remains with her mom and appears healthy and strong.

The two cubs are the first red pandas born at the Toronto Zoo since 1996.