Watch: Man goes for dangerous joyride atop TTC bus

By News Staff, Lucas Casaletto

The TTC is investigating a video posted online that shows someone jumping onto the back of a moving bus.

The person can be seen standing on top of the bus as it moves along the 121 route on Front Street.

TTC spokesman Stuart Green tells 680 this kind of behaviour needs to be discouraged.

“We’ll do an investigation and try to determine exactly when it happened because we don’t know when it happened, precisely,” Green said.

“And then we’ll pursue any kind of charge or ticketing that’s available to us.”

This isn’t the first time someone has filmed themselves riding atop a bus or subway car.

In early 2018, a rider filmed himself hanging onto the back of a subway train as it sped through a tunnel.

At the time, TTC officials called the act “incredibly stupid and incredibly dumb.”

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