7 police officers injured, 2 people arrested following rally near Eglinton and Oakwood

*CW: disturbing images* 2 people were arrested during a peaceful protest in Little Jamaica on Saturday and community members say police used excessive and unnecessary force. Tina Yazdani reports

By News Staff

Several officers were injured and two people are under arrest after a rally in midtown was interrupted Saturday evening.

Police said people were in the area for a planned, peaceful protest to voice their concerns about the ongoing construction of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT and its impact on local businesses in the neighbourhood.

Shortly before 8 p.m., police said a man – unrelated to the rally – jumped on to a vehicle. A taser was reportedly used on the man. A second man also became involved in the scuffle and may have been tasered as well.

Police said an unspecified number of people in the crowd “became hostile” and “swarmed” officers, requiring additional units to be called to the area to assist with controlling the crowd.

Seven officers were injured with four needing to be treated in hospital. At least one officer may have suffered a concussion, according to police.

Two people were arrested and are facing charges of mischief and assault on police.

Police said the incident remains under investigation.


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