Bold ads promoting child-free, small families get noticed in Vancouver

By Lucas Casaletto

Several ads encouraging single-child or child-free families are starting to pop up across Vancouver.

The “One Planet, One Child” says its campaign has been launched to hasten progress toward a small family norm, leading to a sustainable world population.

On its website, the group says their goal is to “educate that overpopulation is a root cause of resource depletion, species extinction, poverty, and climate change.”

Some of the ads, which can be seen featured on multiple transit stops and high traffic areas, include some families with the headline, “We Chose One!” or “We Chose Childfree!”, with others reading: “The most loving gift you can give your first child is to not have another.”

The One Planet, One Child website lists scientific reports that document the damage human activity is inflicting on life-supporting ecosystems.

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