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Toronto police clarify reports over ‘persons of interest’ in Barry, Honey Sherman case

The detective leading the investigation into the murders of billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman is reacting to reports that suggest police have identified a person of interest.

Detective sergeant Brandon Price issued a statement saying he wanted to clarify, but is not confirming if a suspect or suspects have been identified.

“There have been recent reports in the media which indicate that the Toronto Police Service has identified, but not arrested, a Person of Interest in this investigation,” said Price on Friday.


“In fairness to the friends and family of Barry and Honey Sherman, I would like to offer a clarification. Numerous ‘persons of interest’ have been, and continue to be, investigated throughout the course of this three year investigation.”

“…The goal of any investigation is to identify persons who may have been involved in an offence or to exclude them as suspects,” added the sergeant.

Earlier this week, it was revealed police had a person of interest in the case.

Court documents, reported by the Toronto Star, indicate due to a protocol by government lawyers and counsel for the late Barry Sherman’s firm Apotex, investigators weren’t initially able to look at things like Sherman’s blackberry or information on his office computer. Even things like post-it notes or his daily calendar were initially off-limits.

Instead, company lawyers had to give approval as legal privilege was provided because Apotex, a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company, argued many of Sherman’s documents were highly confidential and disclosure to third parties could result in financial harm to the company.


The Star reports the concept of legal privilege is increasingly an issue in many investigations. It is recognized by the Supreme Court and is not without precedent.

Barry Sherman’s electronic devices remained off limits for days after the Dec. 17, 2017 discovery of the crime scene. Police eventually gained access to Honey Sherman’s cellphone just three days later.