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'They've been baaaaad': York police warn of goats on Georgina roadway

File photo of goats. UNSPLASH/L LEY

York regional police gave drivers a heads-up and Twitter users a chuckle with a tweet warning about a gaggle of goats spotted on a street in Georgina on Wednesday afternoon.

Police said around 10 goats were on the roadway in the area of Smith Blvd., and Park Road.

“It appears they’ve been baaaaad and hopped their fence.” police tweeted. “If you’re driving in the area use extra caution.”

In an update, police later tweeted that the goats were safely off the road and back in a field where they can frolic without fear of a fur-flying collision.

Social media users inundated with COVID-19 news and other assorted sordid 2020 headlines appreciated the “kidding” around by police.