Canada Post pauses delivery to East York building because tenants not wearing masks

By Erick Espinosa

Effective immediately, residents at 72 Gamble Ave. in Toronto will be required to pick up their mail at a downtown location due to health concerns, as per a notice from Canada Post.

The notice, sent out Monday, stated that “to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers, we are temporarily changing the way we deliver mail to your building”.

A spokesperson for Canada Post confirmed with CityNews that “there have been health and safety concerns over an extended period expressed by our employees that residents of this apartment complex are not wearing a mask while indoors in the public areas that need to be accessed when delivering the mail.”

Residents are being asked to pick up their mail and parcels at 600 Commission St., which is located 5.5 kilometres away.

Gamble Avenue tenant Bridget understands the reasoning behind the temporary change as COVID numbers continue to rise, but is looking for answers as to why a location a one hour walk away was selected for pickup.

“This is not right. I am a hospital worker and a young mom, I can’t get to this location easily,” she told CityNews. “I cannot imagine what seniors or people with mobility issues are going to do. I wish they came up with another alternative or a closer location”.

CityNews inquired about why this location was selected for pick up, but did not receive a response from Canada Post.

It would also not confirm if similar notices were sent out to other locations in the city due to non compliance.

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