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Canadian Senators Group leader Scott Tannas travels to Hawaii

Senator Scott Tannas in an undated photo. FACEBOOK/ScottTannas.ca

Alberta Sen. Scott Tannas says he has travelled to Hawaii during the holidays.

In an emailed statement to The Canadian Press, the leader of the Canadian Senators Group said he will shortly return to Alberta and will follow all the COVID-19 testing and quarantine requirements.

Tannas said he will be ready to participate when the Senate resumes its sittings.

“I have faithfully complied with all the rules and health protocols required in order to safely travel abroad,” he said.

Tannas and his staff did not respond to questions about when he left the country or when he will be back.

He also didn’t say whether he regrets travelling outside the country while Canadians are asked by politicians to stay home to limit the spread of the novel coronaviruses.

The Canadian Press contacted every sitting member of the Senate last week to inquire about travel outside the country during the holidays.

Eighty-eight senators said they had been following public-health instructions to refrain from non-essential international travel in a bid to curb the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Tannas and Quebec Sen. Josee Verner, the Canadian Senators Group’s deputy leader, were the only two senators in the 93-member body who did not respond to multiple requests for comment about their whereabouts.

Phone calls to their Senate offices went unanswered and staff did not respond to emails.

Conservative Sen. Don Plett of Manitoba said he had travelled to Mexico but returned after a few days upon thinking again about the trip.

Ontario Sen. Vern White, also of the Canadian Senators Group, said he was in Finland visiting family.