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Tory says latest provincewide shutdown 'needed'

Last Updated Apr 1, 2021 at 11:18 pm EDT

Mayor John Tory says he supports the provincewide shutdown, adding he’s been advocating for an approach like this for some time now.

“Our city has been locked down for several months but we are not an island and we cannot hold back COVID-19 alone, by ourselves,” said Tory. “I know everyone is tired and I know everyone is frustrated but we cannot give up on this fight, especially not now after all that we’ve been through.”

Tory says endorsing the shutdown is what Ontario needs in order to save lives.

“With ICU’s in the highest occupancy in the entire pandemic, younger people getting sick faster and ending up in the ICUs, the health system straining, we can’t logically or sensibly conclude that the status quo is a viable option.”

The mayor also said he sympathizes with local businesses, like restaurants and personal care services, that have been preparing to reopen only to have to wait another 28 days. But he believes if we continue to follow public health guidelines, we can still have a proper summer in the city.

“As sorry as I am that this is happening, I believe it is the right thing to do in their long-term interest because a healthy economy does require healthy people,” said Tory. “If those people are getting sick in unacceptable numbers we’re not going to have any kind of an economy that is going to function properly. And this is going to go on and on and on, we’ll be standing here talking about this at Christmas time. The objective is not to be doing that.”

Tory is also urging those born in 1961 or earlier to get vaccinated as soon as possible, saying City-run vaccination sites will be open during the Easter long weekend.