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Two baby foxes found dead near eastern Beaches den

Still photo of foxes currently denning under the Beaches Boardwalk. CITYNEWS

Two baby foxes who have been calling an area of the eastern Beaches home have been found dead.

The Toronto Wildlife Centre tweeted the news on Saturday, saying it was looking into the matter but there was no initial evidence to suggest the deaths of the two kits are linked to an act of vandalism in the area earlier in the week.

Early Thursday morning, the camera that was being used to monitor the family was vandalized, according to the Centre, as well as the home of a volunteer who lives in the area.

This is the second spring in a row that the family of foxes have made their home under the boardwalk in the Beaches. Last month, CityNews spoke with a former volunteer of the Toronto Wildlife Centre who expressed concerns about the lack of protection the city was providing to the foxes.

Last year, barriers were set up to create a safe environment for the family but in a Facebook post, the TWC indicated the city had refused their offer to help.

“Last year, people congregated (breaking COVID-19 safety regulations) around the baby foxes, got too close to take photos, fed them, and brought their dogs around them,” read the post. “With ineffectual barriers in place, we’re concerned these events may happen again or worse, which will negatively impact the wellbeing of these baby animals and their parents.”

It was around the same time a year ago when one of the baby foxes was found dead. That was attributed to an off-leash dog attach, according to city officials.

The TWC has called on the city to implement permanent measures to prevent the family from denning in this location again next year once they are gone from the area for the season.