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East end neighbourhood frustrated over noisy Metrolinx construction site

Last Updated May 18, 2021 at 12:03 am EDT

People who live in an east end Toronto neighbourhood say they are worried about noise and emissions from electrical generators at a Metrolinx construction site.

Matthew MacTavish reached out to CityNews about two large generators that run nearly 24-hours a day beside the Wildwood Crescent Playground, near Woodbine Avenue and Gerrard Street East.

“When they brought a generator in I assumed it would be for a matter of days, maybe a week at most,” MacTavish says.

The work is a part of Metrolinx’s work on the Lakeshore East Expansion Project. As a part of the project, another track needs to be added to the existing infrastructure. This is a multi-month and multi-year construction undertaking that at the moment, runs right through the east end community.

Metrolinx said the infrastructure work required between Pape Avenue and Kennedy Road includes a new fourth track, grading work, building retaining walls and culvert extensions. They also said that Danforth Avenue, Warden and Woodbine Avenue would see bridge expansions to accommodate the fourth track.

MacTavish said that it’s not the work itself that’s the problem, it’s how it seems to be managed.

“I support this project in concept, but it’s the way that it’s come about, the way that they’ve managed the process that I’ve had problems with,” he said.

In a statement to CityNews on Monday, a Toronto Hydro spokesperson says in part: “I’m pleased to confirm we’re making progress and aiming to provide Metrolinx with some alternate power by the end of this week. Our work will help remove one of their generators; however, we will continue to work with Metrolinx to provide additional alternate power to help replace their second generator.”

Metrolinx said in a statement the construction firm is using the generators to run their project management trailers.

“Our contractor LS Constructors is temporarily using two generators to run their office trailers, so they can power their office equipment and refrigeration systems,” Metrolinx said. “Since we know generators can be noisy, we’ve ensured our contractor is using units that have mufflers installed, and they’ve been placed away from adjacent homes. These generators are also equipped with an emission-reducing system.”