Ottawa police ticket hundreds of convoy protesters so far this weekend

By Kelsey Patterson and News Staff

Ottawa police say they have handed out more than 450 tickets to freedom convoy protesters in roughly a 24-hour period.

Police say they and bylaw offices have issued tickets for various offences such as excessive noise, use of fireworks, stunt driving, driving a vehicle on a sidewalk and seat belt violations.

The more than 450 tickets were issued between the morning of Saturday, February 5 and Sunday, February 6 at 11 a.m.

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) says protesters were unlawful and “extremely disruptive” overnight Saturday.

Other ticketed offences include: failure to drive in a marked lane, red light violations, driving through a no truck route, cellphone use, improper muffler, window tint too dark, and driving with a suspended license or no insurance.

“Several vehicles were seized and towed, including one stolen truck and an abandoned vehicle in a roadway,” reads an OPS statement.

Some demonstrators refused to leave areas of protest overnight: 250 people were in the Wellington Corridor and 350 people at Rideau and Sussex.

“We continue to advise demonstrators not to enter Ottawa, and to go home,” continues the statement.

On Sunday alone, seven people were arrested and 100 tickets issued while “multiple vehicles and fuel have been seized,” police said in a statement.

Police say they have responded to more than 650 calls in relation to the demonstrations since they began last weekend, and 200 calls were made to the hate-motivated crime hotline. The service is also investigating 97 criminal offences.

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“Intelligence and evidence gathering teams continue to collect financial, digital, vehicle registration, driver identification, insurance status, and other related evidence that will be used in criminal prosecutions.”

Meanwhile, the Solicitor General issued a statement on Sunday about the ongoing protest in Ottawa and concerns raised by police.

Sylvia Jones wrote, “I want to stress that policing protests is a responsibility carried out by local police services across Ontario, who have the resources and authority to ensure their communities remain safe. Politicians at all levels cannot direct the police.”

“To be clear: police services, including the Ottawa Police Service, have full discretion and extensive existing legislative authority under the Criminal Code to respond to and manage demonstrations and take enforcement action, as appropriate, against any individuals committing crimes in their jurisdiction,” Jones continued.

Jones said more than 1,500 Ontario Provincial Police, officers from municipal police services from around Ontario, and RCMP have been on the ground.

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