Polish PM claims Russia hacked, tweaked, leaked govt emails

By The Associated Press

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland’s prime minister on Wednesday accused Russian agencies of hacking into government systems and manipulating and leaking emails that allegedly expose his administration’s links with the judiciary.

Premier Mateusz Morawiecki labeled the leaks a “provocation” by Russian and Belarusian secret services aiming to sow discord in Poland in revenge for Warsaw’s support for Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion.

In the emails dating from 2019, which the Polish press reported as leaked on Monday, Morawiecki’s top aide, Michal Dworczyk, is presented as informing him that he’s discussed some court cases with somebody described as “chairwoman” Julia P., and that the cases have been suspended.

The description has been seen as fitting the head of Poland’s controversial Constitutional Tribunal, Julia Przylebska, who was appointed by the ruling party. Under her leadership, the court has been issuing verdicts favorable to the government policies and supporting it in its disputes with the European Union.

Late Tuesday, Przylebska reacted saying that she has “never discussed any verdicts of the Constitutional Tribunal with anyone, apart from debates among the tribunal’s judges.” She added that she would not be intimidated by any “Russian provocateurs.”

Government influencing of judges is against Poland’s constitution. However, Morawiecki’s right-wing government is at odds with EU bodies which say judicial independence and the rule of law are being violated. Poland has been fined over a body disciplining judges.

Correspondence allegedly coming from Dworczyk’s and Morawiecki’s email boxes has been leaking to the Polish press for some months. The government has denied its authenticity, although some people named in the documents have said they are genuine. Prosecutors are investigating.

But on Wednesday Morawiecki didn’t directly deny the latest leaks as fakes, rather accusing Russia of hacking Polish government emails.

The Associated Press

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