Riverside brewery bringing country vibes to the city

By Stella Acquisto

Tucked away in the community of Riverside, at the corner of Queen Street East and Saulter Street, you’ll find Saulter Street Brewery.

It’s a small brew house that houses just 80 guests in its tap room.

The business was started in 2017 by John Sterling. “I was in the financial services industry and sold my business,” Sterling tells CityNews. “It’s actually a fixture of the neighborhood. A lot of regulars from meeting neighborhoods come here.”

The beer is all brewed in-house by Tanner Hinrichsen.

“The first step is we mill the grain, drop it into the first vessel,” explains Hinrichsen. “From there we will then run it over to the second vessel where we separate it. So we actually get our liquid and then it goes over to the boil kettle. From there we boil it at the hops and that’s kind of beer 101.”

Eoin Mac Gearailt is the General Manager at Saulter Street Brewery. He’s been here since the opening in sales and has worked his way up.

“I always loved beer so it was great to see how the whole process started,” said Mac Gearailt. “Tp build the whole business that we’ve started from scratch was quite cool.”

“From getting the grain into the front doors, to basically the finished products, to Angela who does our designing the cans,” explained Mac Gearailt. “It’s very important for us to be part of the community. It’s very important for us to showcase that when people come down feel the good vibes that are here.”

Sterling said there’s been challenges since opening up, but now they are regarded as a really cool place to hang out. “A lot of our customers talk about this place as being kind of out in the country … we’ve got a lot of really good clients who come here every day.”

You can find out more about the brewery on their website. The beer is currently sold at their location, the Beer Store and LCO and some grocery chains.

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