Will police or the courts stop Doug Ford’s Greenbelt plan?

By The Big Story

In today’s Big Story podcast, since Doug Ford reneged on his promise to protect the Greenbelt in November, resistance to his proposal has been fierce. In the past week that has culminated in a court challenge as well as a potential investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police. There are other investigations ongoing as well, and public protests at Queen’s Park and elsewhere — but can any of it really stop development of the land for new homes?

What basis do the investigations and challenges have? What does the Ford government say to answer them? What comes next in Ontario’s fiercest environmental battle in years?

Emma McIntosh, Ontario reporter at The Narwhal, joins The Big Story to discuss.

“The Auditor General is like her name says, she’s an auditor. So she’s looking at whether things happened according to process here, basically. But right now she’s trying to decide whether she wants to do that,” said McIntosh.

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