Restaurant bringing the taste of Grenada to Oakwood Village

From social media to a small business: Brandon Rowe introduces one business owner who brings her Grenadian heritage to the Oakwood Village community.

By Brandon Rowe

A restaurant started from the kitchen of its owner before expanding to a separate space is bringing the tastes of Grenada to Oakwood Village.

Earla Mark began cooking from home and selling it, but demand grew so large, Mark decided to open up Earla’s Kitchen in the fall of 2022. The spot has become increasingly popular, bringing in locals and customers from as far as Oshawa.

“It’s great and it’s growing and continues to grow. I’m doing catering this week and next. People from every walk of life come in to try my food,” shared Mark.

Mark is originally from Grenada and said that food has always been a part of her life.

“In my family, there was always food. My dad was a butcher. My mom was a stay-at-home mom and that no one could ever stop by my door in Grenada and not get fed,” she explained.

Mark initially wanted to become a police officer, but decided on a different career path instead.

“In Grenadian culture, we love to eat, and coming together is always a good thing,” said Mark. “When we look back from Grenada to here, people come here and they meet people they haven’t seen in a while and that gives that sense of community, that spirit, that drive.”

Mark has had the support of her family, friends, and community to start her business and hopes her leap of faith will inspire other women looking to start a business.

“Starting a restaurant is something I’ve always thinking about. Starting from home and with my age, I thought I’m not going to do this anymore, but getting the opportunity to actually have the space and doing what I love to do,” said Mark. “I would advise anyone whether it’s cooking or anything – whatever your calling, whatever your dream follow that.”

February 7 is Grenadian independence day and Mark will be hosting an event that will provide authentic food, music, and history, just one of the many things connecting the Oakwood community to her Grenadian heritage.

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