Sudanese Canadians board bus from Toronto to Ottawa to protest war

By Dorsa Delara, OMNI News

Over 300 Sudanese Canadians took a bus from Toronto to Ottawa on Friday morning to lead protests against the war and deliver a statement of demands to the federal government.

Protestors headed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa and marched to Parliament Hill to rally against the escalating violence in Sudan, demanding the Canadian government do more to help.

The protests are currently underway in Ottawa.

The conflict in Sudan has been on going since mid-April between Sudan’s army and its paramilitary rival. Despite attempts at numerous ceasefire declarations, the war has continued, with many attempting to leave the country, resulting in wounded and killed civilians.

On Wednesday, Harjit Sajjan, the International Development Minister, announced $31 million for Sudan in humanitarian aid.

Friday morning, the Canadian government announced they are waiving application fees for family members of Canadians who fled Sudan.

A week ago, Canadians were stuck in Sudan, with evacuation flights starting days later than many allies. Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly said Canadians “went through hell” and Ottawa will help the country find peace.

“We have been promised by the government to do many things, none of them happened,” Abier Mustafa, Chair person of the Sudanese Community Association of Ontario, told Breakfast Television.

“There is no clear plan from our government about how to get these people outside of Sudan.”

“Now we have evacuees who are in the third country and they cannot make it back to Canada. They don’t have shelter, they don’t have a shuttle from the airport, they absolutely have nothing.”

OMNI’s Fakhruddin Ahmed will have the latest on the results of the protest at 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT on OMNI News: Arabic Edition.

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