Passenger in car on Hwy. 401 ducked at last second to avoid flying tire: OPP

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said a passenger in a vehicle travelling on Highway 401 near Victoria Park Avenue ducked at the last second to avoid a flying tire that crashed through the passenger side of the window on Monday morning.

It happened at around 11:30 a.m.

Schmidt said another car was travelling eastbound on the 401 when its tire came off and flew onto the other side of the highway, crashing through the windshield.

“That wheel bounced over onto the opposite side, colliding with this vehicle completely caving in the windshield,” Schmidt explained.

Schmidt said there were three people in the vehicle when the tire crashed into it. None of them were seriously injured.

“The passenger in the front passenger seat saw that wheel just a fraction of a moment before that wheel hit and was able to duck out of the way and had that not happened this would be a completely different situation.

“Something coming at you at that kind of speed can cause an incredible amount of damage.”

Schmidt said the driver of the vehicle has been charged with detached part.

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