Here’s the list of Canada’s 100 best restaurants in 2024. Which Toronto spots made the cut?

The annual Top 100 list of Canada’s Best Restaurants has been released, and while Montreal took the coveted number-one designation, Toronto dining spots were featured a ton.

Montreal’s Mon Lapin, which translates to My Rabbit in French, received the nod for the country’s best restaurant of 2024, described as having that “elusive sweet spot between casual and special occasion restaurant.”

It’s the second straight year Mon Lapin has finished as Canada’s best restaurant.

A total of 24 Toronto restaurants cracked this year’s Top 100 list, including three in the Top 10 (Edulis, Alo and 20 Victoria). Other local dining spots in Ontario that made the cut include Langdon Hall Dining Room in Cambridge and Oakville’s Hexagon Restaurant.

Six Ottawa restaurants were featured, including Riviera, Atelier, Arlo Wine & Restaurant, Supply and Demand, North & Navy and Buvette Daphnée.

Judges voted for restaurants based on service, décor, the depth of the cellar, and food quality. Each judge was asked to vote for a minimum of three restaurants outside of their home region.

Toronto restaurants featured on Top 100 list

  • Edulis (#2)
  • Alo (#3)
  • 20 Victoria (#4)
  • Quetzal (#12)
  • Dreyfus (#15)
  • Giulia (#17)
  • Prime Seafood Palace (#18)
  • Canoe (#24)
  • Taverne Bernhardt’s (#29)
  • Sushi Masaki Saito (#30)
  • Aburi Hana (#33)
  • Casa Paco (#34)
  • Mimi Chinese (#35)
  • Sunnys Chinese (#38)
  • Bar Isabel (#44)
  • Famiglia Baldassarre (#45)
  • Sushi Yugen (#49)
  • Pompette (#65)
  • Giulietta (#66)
  • Actinolite (#70)
  • Bar Prima (#77)
  • Don Alfonso 1890 (#81)
  • Barberian’s (#94)
  • Dailo (#99)

Toronto did even better this year if you factor in the 2023 list, which saw 18 restaurants in the city included in the Top 100.

Elsewhere in Canada, the city of Montreal had the most restaurants cracking the list, with 27. There were 18 in Vancouver, six in Ottawa, four in Calgary, three in Winnipeg, two in Québec City and one in Saskatoon.

A spokesperson for Canada’s 100 Best said the number of restaurants in each province and region is proportional to its population.

“C100B congratulates all of them for their exceptional work. And we look forward to visiting again very soon.”

View the full list of restaurants here.

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