Single father from Toronto wins $70M OLG lottery prize

Greg from Toronto won the LOTTO MAX from the April 19, 2024 draw and once he won, he couldn't wait to tell his family.

A single father from Toronto who won the OLG Lotto Max $70 million draw says he plans on celebrating the life-changing amount of money by treating his large Greek family.

The OLG announced Gregory Chialtas, a recently retired public servant, as the Lotto Max winner from the April 19, 2024, draw. Chialtas explained that he purchased the winning ticket while shopping for groceries. Once he learned that he won, he couldn’t wait to tell those closest to him.

“We are a very close-knit family. It’s a bit of cliché, just like that movie, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said. “That’s why I turned to them first with this incredible news.”

Chialtas said the win is noteworthy because his lottery numbers are meaningful to his children, siblings and other family members. When the Toronto man checked his ticket after the draw, he noticed he had only matched three numbers and assumed he had won a free ticket, but something told him to check again.

“That’s when I realized I was looking at the numbers from the wrong draw date. So, I went back to find the results from the April 19 Lotto Max draw, and that’s when I saw I matched all seven numbers. I was in total shock,” he said.

OLG winner in such disbelief he had asked friend to check numbers again

Chialtas decided to be extra cautious when authenticating the winning numbers, so much so that he asked someone else for assistance.

“I asked [my best friend] to check the numbers on and to read them to me. All the numbers still matched,” he explained.

“It was unbelievable to us, but we had to make sure I had the winning ticket. So we decided to meet up at a store near our homes and triple-check them using the in-store ticket checker. When reality started to sink in, all I wanted to do was leave the store quietly, but my friend was freaking out.”

The OLG announced Gregory Chialtas as the Lotto Max winner from the April 19, 2024, draw. Photo: OLG.

Chialtas disclosed that he had been suffering from some health issues in the past year, noting that his family helped him through the challenging times.

“It’s been humbling and heart-warming to have their love during this entire incredible experience. They have kept me grounded and focused on what’s most important — my family,” he said.

With the winnings, Chialtas plans to travel and ensure the payment of his children’s education. He also wants to give back to the community.

“I plan to adopt a rescue dog so that I can change their life for the better, just like what’s happened to me,” he added.

“We can buy anything now, but the memories are more important because they will last a lifetime. So, we, as a family, will make those memories happen together. I love saying ‘we’ because it’s never ‘I’; it’s always ‘we.’ They made me feel safe and supported, so at this life-changing moment, it’s all about ‘we.'”

The winning ticket was purchased at the Sheppard Ticket Centre inside the Yonge-Sheppard Centre on Yonge Street in Toronto.

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