#CityVote: The Debate

Watch the entire debate in its chapters below.

Part 1 of 7: Doug Ford, Andrea Horwath and Kathleen Wynne participated in a draw to determine the speaking order and positioning ahead of the first Ontario leader’s debate of the 2018 election.


Part 2 of 7: Opening statements kicked off the debate with Ford, Horwath and Wynne setting things up.


Part 3 of 7: Ford, Wynne and Horwath discuss police accountability and carding.


Part 4 of 7: The leaders tackled questions about keeping Toronto streets safe from drugs and how to improve transit.


Part 5 of 7: Then they answered a tough question about how they intend to help children with autism succeed in school.


Part 6 of 7: Doug Ford starts this segment with asking Kathleen Wynne when she lost her way.


Part 7 of 7: Who won the debate? Advocates and experts weigh in after #CityVote: The Debate.

The full debate: Watch #CityVote: The Debate in its entirety below. 


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