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Mayor Ford marks 2 years since election victory

It’s been two years since Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s victory at the 2010 mayoral election, and while controversy has highlighted the first half of his term, Ford said he is doing what taxpayers elected him to do.

“I feel great. Just can’t wait until the next campaign,” he told CityNews on Thursday.

He said he was proud of outsourcing garbage pickup in the city’s west end and getting a four-year deal with city workers earlier this year.

“[Mel] Lastman couldn’t do it. [David] Miller couldn’t do. I did it.”

Ford was elected the city’s mayor on Oct. 25, 2010, and took office on Dec. 1 of that same year.

Despite some of his personal and quirky gaffes — which range from driving and reading, driving and talking on the phone, and the looming conflict of interest ruling — he’s done quite a bit of what he said he would do when he celebrated his victory on election night.

“Four years from tonight, you’ll look back and say Rob Ford did exactly what he said he was going to do,” Ford said that night.

He’s said he would lower property taxes, and he did, with no increase in year one and a lower rate increase in year two.

Ford also got garbage pickup in the west end of Toronto contracted out, as well as a four-year labour deal with unions without a strike.

The mayor also eliminated the vehicle registration tax, as he said he would, and cut some of the gravy out of councillors’ budgets.

However, he’s not been able to get the subway deals he wanted, nor has he been able to come up with a way to pay for them.