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Metrolinx, Milton launching pilot project to deal with parking overflow: report

The parking lot at Milton GO station on March 25, 2015. 680 NEWS/Carl Hanstke

The fear of not being able to find a parking spot at a GO station is one obstacle for commuters.

Metrolinx is reportedly set to start a year-long pilot project in Milton in April, which would have buses pick up people at or near their homes to bring them to the GO station.

The Toronto Star reports the project, in conjunction with the Town of Milton, is designed to get people to use GO, who worry about not finding a parking spot at the overflowing lot.

Some train users in Milton said by the time the second train arrives on a weekday morning, the parking lot is already full with some vehicles double-parked.

Starting April 13, people will be able to use an app to book a ride to the station in the mornings and evenings, in what’s described as “personalized mass transit.”

The Star reports the app is called RideCo, and was developed by Transit Labs, a Waterloo startup company.

Each ride would cost a maximum of $1.95, which would be on top of the train fare.

The pilot project is slated to cost Metrolinx and the Town of Milton $125,000.

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