Running top form of exercise in Canada for most, Fitbit reveals


Fitbit is unveiling its secrets about physical activity.

The company, which makes a wearable fitness tracker, has compiled information from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States to find out what activities people jump to first.

The number one way people like to get their sweat on in Canada is running, according to Fitbit, and rounding out the top five most popular forms of activity are biking, strength training, elliptical and yoga.

“PiYo,” a mix of pilates and yoga, became a big hit for Fitbit users in 2014 and they claim it is a “trend to watch in 2015.”

The results differed depending on the category and age range but running remained the top activity for all except the age category of 55 and up.

Millennials, age 18-35, enjoy pushing their physical limits and are quick to jump on board with trendy workouts. Generation X’ers, age 35-55, enjoy aerobics, boot camps and also like to being coached through their classes. Baby boomers, age 55+, like spending their time hiking, gardening, golfing and tennis.

The company has also learned which activities give you the most burn in 30 minutes.

When running, Fitbit users burn 305 calories in 30 minutes and close behind is circuit training burning 300 calories. Biking is 247, elliptical is 233 and aerobics is 227.

Seventy percent of people surveyed said they walk for fitness.

The website also gives “rules to sweat by” and a way to find out what the best type of fitness is for your own personal goals.


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