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‘It’s disgusting:’ North York green space used as illegal dump zone

Last Updated Apr 5, 2018 at 6:32 pm EST

A green space in North York has become a dumping zone for people who are illegally discarding their trash and residents in the area of Highway 400 and Sheppard Avenue West are expressing their disgust and frustration.

‘No Dumping’ signs were posted at the site on Torbarrie Road but the signs have not deterred illegal dumpers from leaving their trash at the side of the road.

Vehicle tires, cardboard boxes and a broken sink were just some of the items CityNews found left behind.

Marianne Bernstein, who has lived in the community for five years, said the illegal dumping has been happening since she moved in.

“It’s disgusting. Shame on them. We have to live in this… wish we could catch them at it,” Bernstein said.

Another CityNews viewer, who would like to remain anonymous, complained about the waste that litters the area.

The City of Toronto told CityNews it is aware of the issue and has been monitoring the site. Staff are working with the property owner to explore options to deter illegal dumping.

The department of Municipal Licensing & Standards has issued seven charges and two violation notices for illegal dumping in the area.

The City has been to the site several times repeatedly over the last six months to remove waste.

A fence is scheduled to be erected at the site next week — weather permitting — to further prevent illegal dumping.