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Turning the tables on CRA scammers

Last Updated Jun 23, 2018 at 7:49 am EST

Their sole purpose is to steal your hard earned money, and they don’t care if they take everything you have.

Phone scammers are increasing their attacks this year.

In fact, the CRA scam, alleging you owe the government money, is the number one scam right now, according to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Last year, there were 14,551 complaints. In total, 1,046 victims reported a dollar loss of $4.9 million. The organization estimates only about 5 per cent of those defrauded ever report it.

But there is at least one person trying to outwit the scammers with a technique called Denial of Service.

This person, who wants to be anonymous, emailed CityNews and will only say they are a computer expert. Essentially they inundate the scammers with robocalls and an endless loop of a recording. All they need, they say, is a VPN and a ‘burner’ phone. They pay cash or bitcoin. There is even a website dedicated to bringing scammers down which posts the numbers of potential scammers.

Toronto police tell CityNews the CRA would never call and threaten someone and if you do get a call, hang up.

The Canadian Anti Fraud Centre believes the calls are coming from overseas.