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Canada Post abruptly stops mail delivery to Scarborough apartment building

Last Updated Aug 9, 2018 at 10:40 pm EDT

Canada Post has abruptly stopped delivering mail to hundreds of residents living at a Scarborough apartment building.

An ominous sign above the mailboxes at 225 Markham Road says “Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are UNABLE to deliver mail to 225 Markham Road until further notice.”

The letter also contains an address where residents will have to drive to pick up their mail.

“I was in an accident, I had some brain damage. So I can’t drive very far. Certainly, not out of my immediate neighbourhood,” said Robin Bellamy, who lives in the building.

After surviving a car crash, Bellamy relies on the daily deliveries for her medical marijuana.

She’s shocked Canada Post provided no explanation.

“I was more than a little angry, I depend on the mail. I do all of my shopping online, I get my medication in the mail.”

Canada Post told CityNews that an employee was threatened at the building, and they were required to take immediate action to make sure their employee was safe.

They wrote in part, “We take these matters seriously and have suspended delivery while police look into it. Once we can be assured our employee is safe, we will resume delivery and communicate this to customers.”

But this was not a good enough explanation for Bellamy.

“It’s frustrating because I get packages that are stacking up that I can’t get to,” said Bellamy. “I’m pretty much stuck.”

Canada Post says they hope to have a resolution in the next 24 hours, but can’t guarantee mail delivery will resume on Friday.

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We at 682 Warden Avenue, Scarborough – a TCHC location, are not receiving mails either since two weeks +-. Reason posted: lock needs changing. We are asked to pickup at Ashtonbee branch.

That’s not all : Canada Post refuses to deliver parcels; no reasons provided upon query but confirmed that they won’t deliver.. Their Operational handbook states many reasons, amongst them:
” personal safety”. This location gets other deliveries, like fast food, amazon, pharmacy deliveries, etc. They forward parcels to Kingston Rd/Vic Park branch.

August 09, 2018 at 11:48 pm

We had a similiar situation. Canada Post stop delivering to approximately 30 units in our complex. There was a message post saying that for security reasons Canada Post has stopped delivering and that residents would have to pick up there mail at a location approximately 15kms away.

We contacted Canada Post and they didn’t have any information on file as to what the problem was, the mailbox showed no signs of forced entry. Finally a resident was able to talk to the Canada Post carrier. She showed that the mailbox panels catch was misaligned. When asked how we were supposed to know what the problem was with the Canada Post lock still on the box, the carrier response was that we have the key to the Canada Post lock on the mailbox panel. Yes, that’s right, she thought that we had a key to the Canada Post crown lock.

A day later Canada Post comes out to remove their lock so that repairs can be made. Except they remove it from another panel so that even more residents are not receiving their mail. A few days later they get the right lock removed.

An adjustment to the mailbox panel’s catch using nothing other than a hand and the mailbox panel patch was now aligned. 30 residents were without delivery for approximately 4 weeks.

August 15, 2018 at 3:28 pm