Province says Blue Jays should be able to return to Toronto, feds decision not imminent

By Cormac Mac Sweeney, Lucas Casaletto

A government source tells 680 NEWS it’s too early to tell if the Toronto Blue Jays’ request to resume home games at the Rogers Centre will be granted and that a decision is not expected this week.

The source says the proposal from the Blue Jays is quite different from the NHL.

For hockey, it was just two rounds of playoffs with a limited number of games and players but with baseball, the proposal includes the rest of the regular season after July 30, which involves many more players and staff and much more frequent border crossings.

Player and staff vaccination rates in MLB are a factor in the decision.

If the public health agency approves the plan, the Immigration Minister still has the final call on granting the exemptions. The source says this issue could also be a topic of discussion at the cabinet table.

They add the ruling will be consistent with the government’s management of the border and prioritizing the health and safety of Canadians.

The proposal from the Blue Jays has already been given the green light by Toronto and Ontario officials.

Tourism Minister Lisa MacLeod was asked today about the possibility of the Blue Jays returning to Rogers Centre later this month.

MacLeod says if it were up to Ontario’s government, it would have happened already.

“The Blue Jays, I think, are looking at July 30,” she said.

“We have allowed them, as I said, to have cleared them to play. It will be up to the federal government whether they’re going allow the same situation they allowed for the NHL which is to let the MLB cross the border.”

The Blue Jays begin a 10-game homestand on July 30 and have yet to announce a venue for those contests against the Kansas City Royals, Cleveland and Boston Red Sox.

Toronto FC is waiting to find out if it can host a game at BMO Field on July 17.

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