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Kerry Prunskus

Afternoon traffic reporter

About Kerry

I grew up in a town that had two sets of traffic lights. The City of Toronto alone has over 2,200. Learning how to navigate the GTA’s routes has been quite the ride, but I strive to deliver the most accurate information to help make your drive a little easier.I love being behind the wheel, but I also know how frustrating it feels to be trapped in traffic. When I see a big backup of vehicles on the cameras, trust me — I feel your pain.As an anchor, keeping up with the steady pace of news while keeping a close eye on the clock is challenging, but I’d much rather be busy than bored. I love sharing stories with people too — both on and off the air. Outside the newsroom, I like to do musical things. I started spending quality time with the Von Trapps at an early age and I studied piano throughout my teens. Having three older siblings (all four of us were teenagers at one point), our house was constantly filled with a crazy mix of styles, and I’m a fan of almost every genre. I love sounds — probably the main reason I work in radio! You can hear Kerry at the traffic centre each weekday afternoon, from 12-4pm!