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Sladjana Tamindzic

Afternoon drive anchor

About Sladjana

I don’t remember a day that radio hasn’t been part of my life, but if I had to give the start of my career in radio broadcasting a more specific date it would be June 1997. That was the year I officially began operating multilingual programming at CHIN Radio/TV International. I can still remember being a kid and sitting in the back of master control (snacks and toys in hand) watching my mom produce and host her weekly program in Serbian on CHIN’s airwaves. As I got older and started thinking “what do I want to be when I grow up?,” Anything outside of radio seemed dull…and I guess the rest is history! In 2005, I graduated from Seneca College’s broadcast radio program. It was by far one of the best educational experiences in my life. I was able to hone my craft and really sink my teeth into an industry that I love. By being at Seneca, I also landed the opportunity to fulfill an internship here at 680News. Since completing my internship, I’ve been back to work as an audio editor, traffic reporter and news anchor. Over the years I’ve worked in board operations, commercial production, sales, marketing and promotions, as well as editing for television, but anchoring is proving to be the most fun I’ve had thus far. It’s my pleasure to take you around our local community or the world in a matter of minutes. When I’m not keeping you informed, I enjoy taking in live entertainment (Toronto in the summer is great fun and cheap, if not free!), cooking (although I have learned, you can burn a salad), watching movies and traveling. Being in radio isn’t just a job to me — it’s part of my life. So ultimately, thank you for being part of my life! Catch Sladjana co-anchor The Afternoon Drive with James Munroe, weekday afternoons from 2:30-7:30pm.