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Water Main Break Floods Brampton Homes

Crews worked through the night and into Thursday to replace 3 metres of pipe after a water main broke in Brampton on Wednesday.

Snezana Varga was celebrating Orthodox Christmas at her Archdekin Drive home when the rush of water outside caused her basement windows to break.

“We jumped. We were shocked. We opened the basement [door]. The water was bubbling like a river, going crazy,” Varga described.

The main that ruptured was installed in the early ‘70s and was in good condition according to officials, who are still not sure why it broke.

“There could have been a nick in the pipe when it was installed in ‘72 and the corrosion has occurred over this time and the local pressures have caused it to burst,” said Mark Schiller, Peel Region’s Water Director.

“This was rare for this type of failure at this location.”

It took crews longer than usual to turn off the water because some of the valve boxes had been paved over and they couldn’t locate them.